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School Management System (Skoolex)

The Skoolex system is the result of long and multiple experiences to link the school administration, the teacher, the student and the parent in one easy-to-use program, which makes it easy for everyone to quickly and efficiently teach and communicate using the latest technology


The program consists of several modules:


Student Management:

As it enters and displays all student data, it also makes it easier for the student to access the homework assignments and solve them electronically and access the results of the tests, study schedules and test schedules

In addition to displaying alerts and notices from the school administration and communication between students, teachers and parents.


Teacher management:

And that contains a special account for each teacher that enables him to view the study schedules and for each academic stage, and the ability to raise the duties and exams for his students and raise the results. This is in addition to displaying alerts and notifications from the school administration, and communication between students, teachers and parents


Management parents:

Which enables parents to follow the children’s test scores, absenteeism, attendance, study schedules, test scales, and others

This is in addition to facilitating communication between the parent, teacher and school administration.


Student Affairs Department:

The program allows you to divide the school according to the type of study

(National – International – Languages American – British – Montessori)

In addition to organizing dates of personal interviews for students, parents and teachers, Dividing the school into academic levels, grades and classes, adding all student and parent data and other features.

Petra provides the program to its customers and you can also contact us for the trial version by email


School Management System (Skoolex)

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