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Why you have to wait while you can start from now!
If you have a good connections and having communications, negotiation and bargaining skills
You can start your business about your career by joining Petra distributors Program through which
You can be one of petra sales team.
Petra provide various collection of Medical Software, Accounting and Finance, Programming and web development.

About Petra:
Petra is a specialized company at software development; we trusted that Success achieved by good business sharing.
Our main mission is flexibility and facility of executing business that needed by
customers for long term interaction.
Petra has many experiences for more than 10 years in many fields including:
(Desktop Software – Web Software- Mobile Applications)
Petra team includes more than 35 experts in the field of Desktop,Web and Mobile Applications in addition to Digital Marketing who working hard to achieve the vision of the entity and its partners of our successes.

– Working as one of our distributors enables you to develop your ability to persuade and sell.
– You can get a rewarding return on your business as a distributor for our company.
– Strengthening your network of relationships is one of the important things that can be realized in your Work as a distributor for our company.

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