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مبادرة وظيفة تك

Wazeefa Tech:

Learn First, Pay Later

As a part of the efforts to build a Digital Egypt, The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has launched several initiatives and projects that aim to develop the Egyptian people, and providing training opportunities for youth to prepare them for the local and international job markets, These initiatives aim to build a skilled workforce in the fields of Information and communications technology, and to establish a digital society based on science and technology.

Driven by the Ministry of communications’ interests in creating multiple mechanisms for implementation, “ Wazeefa Tech”  initiative was launched to support the private sector and encourage its role in designing and implementing training programs funded by the ministry. The ministry reviews the stages of selection, training, and employment by companies participating in the initiative.

What is the goal of Wazeefa Tech?

The main objective of the initiative is to qualify and employ fresh graduates in specialized information technology (IT) positions.
The trainee is required to repay the training cost in long-term installments without any additional fees upon employment. If the trainee is not employed, they are not obligated to repay any amount.

The Information Technology Institute (ITI) oversees the initiative to ensure high-quality training and skills development in collaboration with Nasser Social Bank.

For more information about the initiative, please visit the ministry’s website.

Wazeefa Tech advantages:

– The initiative provides specialized and distinguished technical jobs for fresh graduates to work in companies inside and outside of Egypt. 

– The trainee receives professional qualification to work in positions that suffer from scarcity in the IT job market, where the training costs are usually very high. 

– The trainee is not obligated to repay any training fees unless they secure a job. If they are not employed, they are not required to repay any amount. 

– The training and employment process are supervised by the Ministry of Communications.

Who are the Trainers?

Petra Software Ind.  provides technical expertise and specialized instructors to support training programs in specialized departments.

Petra Software Ind. will analyze the needs of the job market and guide the training programs to effectively meet those needs.

What are the conditions for joining the initiative?

– The applicant should be an Egyptian graduate from one of the government, private,

   or foreign universities.

– The maximum years of graduation should not exceed 5 years.

– The applicant must pass the admission tests to join the initiative.

– The applicant should be unemployed and fully available upon acceptance into the initiative.

How to join the initiative?

– Choose the major that you want to join. 

– Register through the provided link.

– One of our representatives will contact you to schedule an interview.

– After successfully passing the interview, the trainee must visit 

  Nasser Social Bank to complete the procedures.

– Upon completion of the training program, the employment procedures will be carried out, and it is possible to be employed during the training period.