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Yotta LogoYotta Archiving is Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technology allows for document management, case management, digital asset management and other applications. The Yotta Platform offers modularity, a plug-in model and packaging capabilities. Yotta provides a subscription program with software maintenance, technical support and customization tools.

Document Management
– Manage Content, Not Files: Yotta offers a highly flexible content model, allowing document definitions ranging from a single file to a complex multi-file model. Capture multi-formatted content, leverage our built-in metadata standards, define structured relationships, secure workflows, enforce corporate policies and more.
– Collaborate on Your Content : With collaborative workspaces you get a secure environment for an identified group of users.
– Build the Document Management Solution That You Need : From simply adding your company logo to your application to more advanced content model and workflow configuration.
Digital Asset Management
– A Customizable Digital Asset Management Application: A DAM application is more than a ready-made collection of features: it processes business critical content, and must adapt to meet the requirements in any organization. Extensible and flexible, the Yotta Platform provides the tools to create advanced content models, internal and external workflows, custom access mechanisms, a custom UI, and much more.
A Single Repository for All of Your Content: Too often, DAM initiatives are isolated within a single department and disconnected from the organization’s content management strategy. When digital and media content is viewed as a set of assets for the whole organization, with the appropriate access rights, processes become more efficient, transparent, and sustainable. A central repository for all of your content offers an inclusive, connected way of managing your assets across the enterprise.
Case Management
– A Framework for Structured Application Building: Case management solutions need to replicate specific ordered, manual processes, and it’s rare to find any two case-based processes the same. Each process has different requirements related to content storage, workflows, distribution, and validation.
– Configure and Customize Seamlessly for Accelerated Deployment: Yotta Platform provides a ready-to-use set of content management and case management functionality.
Yotta Archiving System – Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

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