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Entertainment Management System

IVideo-Entertainment Management System

Petra Software Industry provides “IVideo” Entertainment Management System that is used on the desktop, which is a program for managing Playstation and billiards stores through a group of screens that facilitate the management and accounts of the organization. The “IVideo” program works with the Mysql / #C feature and is compatible with Windows 7 & 8 & 10.

IVideo-Entertainment Management System features:

  • The advantage of “IVideo” is easy to control the system as it moves through the stages of work smoothly without disruption.
  • IVideo helps to organize accounts inside the Playstation very simply.
  • Assigning different powers to each user so that the powers of the owner or manager of the store can be made that differ from the rest of the users, in addition to the ability to show special reports to the store manager.
  • Any video makes backup copies of data to ensure that it is not lost.

Playstation and billiards store management:

  • The “IVideo” program contains a number of screens that control the program and through which the program can be managed, including the devices screen through which each device is defined separately by entering (device name – device number – hourly rate – notes – status) or definition The billiard table by entering its number or its name if any, the device can also be made inactive in the event that it does not operate if it suffers a malfunction ,You can search for devices through more than one search method, just search with the data for the device you want and also search for the table number to see what is available, and through this screen it is possible to turn on or off the reservation of devices and the billiard table.

Permissions and Reports 

  • The “IVideo” program provides the ability to add users by entering (name – choosing the type of user – username – password). Also, you can delete the user. You can also search for a user in more than one search method (name – user name – user type).
  • All of this is in addition to a number of screens for (daily – annual) reports, expenditure reports and revenue reports, and another screen for store data such as name, address, phone number, etc., and the program also has a screen for backup copies to ensure that no store file is lost, as well as There is a feature to easily restore backup copies if they are deleted.

Petra provides the program to its customers and you can also contact us for the trial version by email

IVideo – Entertainment Management System

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