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Beauty salon management program

Beauty salon management program “Beauty Care”

Petra Company designed this program specifically to help owners of beauty salons and hairdressers to facilitate their management and accounts, this system works with the MySQL / #C feature and fits with Windows 7 & 8 & 10, this program is designed to be easy to use suitable for all users.

Beauty Care Program Features :

  •  BeautyCare manages the employees inside the beauty salon in terms of attendance, departure and salaries, in addition to organizing and managing the accounts in the fountains. 
  • Through the “BeautyCare” program, special powers can be made for the director of the fountains, where no documents can be deleted by any user, and special reports can be shown to the organization manager.
  • The software guarantees you a great deal of security for your documents as it backs up existing ones while they are needed.

Beauty salon management:

  • The program provides a screen that is introduced in the saloon services and data for each service including: the name of the service, the price and the percentage allocated to employees and others, as can be added and cancelled services at any time or disabled, as you can search for the service and know the number of service cumulative and the number of service for this month, as can collect data in the form of a group provided together in the name of the group and the sub-services contained in the group.
  • “Beauty Care” provides customer service through another screen through which an invoice can be made for customer services, where the service or product is chosen to make the invoice, and the program also provides a screen through which the services that were performed during a certain period can be known with the time, date, type of service and price.


  • Through “Beauty Care”, the reservation of service groups can be registered by entering reservation data such as name, date of reservation and type of service. You can search for reservations by more than one search method such as name or date of reservation, for example, in addition to the ability to print the receipt from the search table, the program has schedules for reservations The following is from closest to the time to the farthest, indicating the scheduled number, type of service, name, date and total amount. Services can be added to the reservation that has been determined through which services are added to the group, the price of each service is allocated and the reservation account is supplemented.


  • Through “Beauty Care”, it is possible to add different sections of expenses and search for expense sections in more than one search method (name of the expense section – active – inactive) indicating the number of items for each section in addition to the possibility of deleting directly from the table, in addition to the presence of the expense item And choosing the expense section affiliated to it, it is also possible to search for expense items by more than one search method (name of expense section – name of expense item – active – inactive), in addition to the possibility of deleting directly from the table.


  • “Beauty Care” provides a special screen for adding employees by entering their data such as name, number of daily working hours, mobile number and date of start of work. Also, workers and their data can be searched for, there is a screen in which the actual employees of the salon appear. You can make attendance and leave for each worker By clicking on his name.

Employees Salaries

  • You can issue employees’ salaries through (employee selection – determining the issuance of a month’s salary – penalties – commitment incentive – management incentive – interaction with the public incentive – hygiene incentive – exceptional incentives – interacting with colleagues incentive – employee withdrawals – notes) automatically indicating the number of hours Work – number of days of absence – basic – work incentive – discounts – total salary – net also enables you to search for salaries of workers in more than one search method (employee name – month) indicating the month – employee name – total salary – total deductions – total incentives with The ability to print the salary receipt and a receipt for working days.

Petra provides the program to its customers and you can also contact us for the trial version by email


Beauty salon management program “Beauty Care”

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