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Link Video Conference System

Link Video Conference System

Now, at the present time, major companies and government agencies have to resort to online meetings, which is why Petra Software Ind. provided the Mobile Program and Application ( Link ), an application through which it can attend online meetings, video conferencing for laptops and mobiles.

Link meeting conference system


  • Through the app , you can communicate audio as well as video communication and attend online meetings.

  • Link app provides the ability to create open meetings and closed meetings, in which case attendance is authorized by the meeting manager.

  • Provides the possibility of public chat and private conversation.

  • You can share and attach files to conversations.

  • Link provides a white space to write, explain, and view meeting details.

  • You can record the scheduled meeting (optional)

  • Link offers the possibility to make a survey.

  • The duration of the meeting is unlimited.

  • The number of users ranges from 2 up to 300 users.

Petra provides Video Conference System to its customers and you can also contact us for the trial version by email

Link Video Conference System

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