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Pharmcare is Pharmacy Management System Software Provides a solution that improves every major pharmacy process including point-of- sale, inventory management, and Accounting, we open the door to wide -range of technology that can dramatically improve customer service, increase productivity and enhance profitability.


General Features of Pharmacare

  • Availability of ready-made drug databases (for various Arab countries) for more than 23 thousand medicines
  • Providing the feature to automatically follow up on the pharmacy from anywhere and at any time by following up on reports via e-mail
  • Visa payments can be recorded, and you can identify Visa transactions through the Visa Sales and Purchases transactions report.
  • There are no monthly expenses for renewing the license of the program
  • Sessions feature, which protects data in the event of a power outage. Once the power is restored, you will find all screens open, and the data is preserved as it was when the power was cut off. This feature saves the pharmacist in case of a power outage while creating an invoice
  • Providing the automatic selling feature in Pharmacare
  • Make backup copies (every hour – every day – every week…..)
  • The possibility of entering starting balances, which greatly facilitates the use of Pharma Care by old or already operating pharmacies.
  • The points feature through which points are collected on the customer’s purchases.
  • Calculation of Value Added Tax
  • The smart search feature provides a search with a search filter (begins with, ends with, contains, equals) to facilitate the search process.
  • Possibility to adjust currency settings. To suit each country
  • The Pharmacare program supports the work of international and local barcodes. To suit pharmacies that deal in both types

Drugs Department in Pharmacare Pharmacy Program

  • Medicines and medicines sections with the possibility of adding new items and medicines to the program by the pharmacist
  • Re-order limit feature to alert you that a specific drug is running out of all stores in the pharmacy. Thus, protecting you from running out of any kind of medication
  • Management of drug deficiencies and the possibility of recording them in the deficiencies list
  • Registration of drug alternatives
  • Administering expired medicines and warning that they are about to expire within a period starting from one month up to three months
    For more details, see:

Medicines section of the Pharmacare program

Stores Department in Pharmacare Pharmacies Program

  • Warehouse management and transfer between them. Providing warehouse inventory feature.
  • Transfer of expired medicines to an expired store.
  • The possibility of identifying the balance of stores.
  • The possibility of linking the store to a specific user to be within his responsibilities
  • Pharmacare supports multiple stores in order to organize more of your pharmacy (shelf store, main store, medical supplies store, expired store…..) so the store management becomes easier and more organized
    For more details, see:

Stores department in Pharmacare pharmacy management program

  • Accounts Department in Pharmacare Pharmacies Program
  • Organizing and managing the accounts of suppliers and customers and their cash and term payments. To guarantee your financial dues and organize your payments
  • Calculating the pharmacy’s revenues and profits. To be able to accurately know the financial situation of the pharmacy
  • The possibility of transferring between the sub- and main vaults. To empty the sub-treasuries first and separate them from the main treasury
  • Billing section in the pharmacy program Pharmacare
  • Making and printing sales and purchase invoices
  • Create purchase and sale return invoices to organize pharmacy accounts and prevent billing tampering
  • Making bills for the lost.
  • The possibility of executing a purchase invoice order to prepare a purchase invoice without Pharmacare adding quantities in stores or adding in your accounts.
  • Add incoming or outgoing amounts.
  • Knowing the profits of each invoice.

Technical support at Pharmacare

The Pharmacare program is characterized by the presence of a technical support screen, from which you can request technical support or view videos and explanation files.
Technical support is provided online and saves the pharmacist the trouble of waiting for the support engineer or transferring the entire device to the company for maintenance.
Pharma Care offers technical support contracts with clear terms that protect the user of the program and guarantee his rights in (maintenance – updates).
To know more about:

How to request technical support for Pharmacare

  • Data security features and user permissions in Pharmacare pharmacy management program
  • Assigning the powers of each user of the program according to his work in the pharmacy. To protect the privacy of pharmacy data and to determine the role of each individual in the pharmacy
  • It is possible to identify the appointments in which users entered the program through the users record report, thus ensuring stronger control over the program and pharmacy data, and in the event of any errors made by users, you can easily identify the error and the user who made it.
  • The possibility of linking each user to a point of sale. To be able to determine the sales and bills of each user (casher) separately

Reports at Pharmacare

Pharmacare is characterized by the presence of a large number of reports that cover every detail in the program and that extract data, information and accounts in order to be able to inquire about and print any statement you want regarding the pharmacy, and Pharma Care automatically sends it to the e-mail to follow up on the pharmacy from anywhere.
Some examples of reports (pharmacy balance report in stores, expired medicines report, customer accounts report during a period, price report for those dealing with them during a period, customer and supplier statistics, sales journal report, profit report during a period, total sales report per day, exports report and imports during a period, …..and many more)

Pharmcare Pharmacy Management System

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