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It is a program for managing medical representatives and managers in pharmaceutical companies and helps them in developing a weekly work plan and a visit plan throughout the week and helps managers follow up on the work of the representatives during the week and other features.

Product Description :

Line Care is a program that manages the work of medical representatives in pharmaceutical companies, that is, through it, it is possible to develop a work plan and visits for each representative and manager, where the medical representatives choose the names of the doctors who deal with them and visit them.

  • The  medical representatives  make the work plan and visits for each doctor and puts it on the plan, and his manager follows up on the plan and approves it.
  • Through the Line Care program, the manager can adjust his visits to suit the delegate’s visits to make a double visit to the doctor.
  • The manager can follow the progress of the  medical representatives’ visits throughout the week and see them at any time. The feature of not seeing the delegate can be activated for the manager’s visits to make surprise visits.

Expense part:

The medical representatives can put the expenses he incurred, whether in travel, visits, etc., in the program and write them in detail so that his manager can review and approve these expenses and send them to the competent human resources officer HR

Vacation part:

The medical representatives can submit leave at any time using the Line Care program. The manager can view it and send it to the HR department for approval.


Line Care User Accounts:

Various accounts can be created on Line Care, including:


Medical representatives account:

An account through which the visit plan and the work plan can be drawn up throughout the week and sent to the manager for approval.

He can apply for his vacations through line care CRM, and he can claim his expenses as well.

Line Care CRM

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