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La Vie Clinic program allows recording doctors’ data and work schedules for each doctor and recording each patient’s personal data. It also allows recording drug data and specific doses for each age group. This system also allows the possibility of recording complaints for each patient, making prescriptions for the diagnosis and his disease condition, and keeping files and videos. Each patient (radiography and analysis).

 This system also enables you to add prices for each examination for each doctor, and it also allows adding other financial revenues for the clinic. This system enables you to add reservations for patients on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

 This system helps to retrieve patient data and patient history for each of them and retrieve any data for a particular drug.


Also, La Vie Clinic can work through an intranet, and there is also the possibility of printing reports for medicines, prescriptions and patient data.

You can also make backup copies and restore, add user groups, specify their permissions, and include users for groups.

This system works on operating systems (Windows Vista, Windows7, Windows XP)

Product Description:

The program is provided with the powers of the users.

The ability to make a backup and restore.

Automatic backup is available when the program is closed

The program supports the Autocomplete data completion feature while typing in the various fields of the program.

The possibility of the program to work through an internal network and on a central database.

The presence of a name and password for each user of the program and the ability to change it.

The ability to print and export reports with more than 8 applications such as: Excel, Word, Rtf, Pdf, Xml.


Work Needs :

Doctors and patients

Adding new patients, specifying their data, and the possibility of making modifications to this data or deleting it.

The ability to save files and videos for each patient (radiology and analysis).

The possibility of searching in more than one easy way to retrieve the patient’s medical history.

The ability to save doctors’ data, modify and delete data.

The possibility of adding working days and working hours for each day for each doctor.

Adding a new complaint for each patient and the possibility of making amendments to the data of this complaint.

The possibility of recording the periodic visits of the patient and the details of each visit and modifying these data, and the date of the next visit can be set.

The possibility of making reservations for patients on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.


Medicines and medical examinations :

Recording groups of medicines used by each doctor and it is possible to modify their data.

Recording medication data to help the doctor use it easily when making prescriptions.

The possibility of recording the doses used by the doctor, which facilitates the process of adding them when registering the prescription.

The possibility of adding prices for the examinations of each doctor.

The possibility of adding any other imports for the clinic.


Clinic Data:

The ability to add and modify the clinic’s data at any time and specify the details that appear in the reports.


The reports:

The possibility of making a report on all complaints registered during a specific period specified by the user.

Make a report on all visits of a particular patient and show the date of the next visit.

The possibility of making a report for a specific prescription according to a specific date for a particular patient.

The ability to print and save all reports with more than one extension

La Vie Clinic Management System

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