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Line Care CRM - It is a program for managing medical representatives and managers in pharmaceutical companies and helps them in developing a weekly work plan and a visit plan throughout the week and helps managers follow up on the work of the representatives
Veterinary Clinic Management System  Vet Clinic – Veterinary Clinic Management System  - Vet Clinic – Veterinary Clinic Management System  It is a system used for the desktop to manage veterinary clinics through screens that facilitate the administration and medicine dispensing accounts for the veterinary clinic.  System Features : Work flow within the
Eye Care Ophthalmology Clinics Management Program : -   Eye Care Ophthalmology Clinics Management Program: The “Eye Care” program presented by Petra Software is a system used by the desktop to manage eye clinics through a group of screens that facilitate patient reservations and examination stages in the
Cure – Hospital Management System -     Cure is a program for managing hospitals with all its departments and services such as (internal and external, radiology, analyzes, stores and reception).   – It is also built in the MVC method, which helps to control and
Pharmacare Pharmcare Pharmacy Management System -   Pharmcare is Pharmacy Management System Software Provides a solution that improves every major pharmacy process including point-of- sale, inventory management, and Accounting, we open the door to wide -range of technology that can dramatically improve customer service, increase productivity
La Vie Clinic Management System - La Vie Clinic program allows recording doctors’ data and work schedules for each doctor and recording each patient’s personal data. It also allows recording drug data and specific doses for each age group. This system also allows the possibility of
Clinics and Medical Centers Management Program “My Clinic” - My Clinic program The clinics program provides you with managing your clinic system in a simple and easy way, which saves your time and guarantees you accurate results about what is going on in your clinic. And recording the appointments
Smart Lab – Laboratory Management System - Patients – The possibility of recording patient data and all their details. – The possibility of updating or deleting data of these patients. – This Software provided with advanced search enables users search patients data.   Laboratory Doctors – The

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