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Clinic Management System

Technical Features:

– The software provided with users permissions.

– Ability to backup database and restore it.

– Automatic backup is available when you close the program.

– The software supports (Autocomplete) during writing in fields.

– Ability to work through LAN.

– The ability to change and update username, password for each user.

– Ability to print reports and exporting it with multiple extensions such as : Excel , Word , Rtf , Pdf , Xml.

Business Needs:

Patients & Doctors

– Adding patients’ data, ability to update and delete data.

– Ability to save files and videos concerned with each patient (Analysis, X-Rays).

– Ability to search with multiple easy ways to retrieve patients’ history.

– Adding doctors’ data, ability to update and delete data.

– Adding workdays and work schedules for each day concerned with each doctor.

– Adding new complaints for each patient, update data.

– The possibility of recording periodic visits of patients and the details of each visit and modify this data, can also make an appointment the next visit.

– Ability to add patients’ reservations on a daily basis or a weekly or monthly or yearly.

Drugs & check up

– Adding drugs groups used by doctors, update data.

– Adding drugs for these groups to help doctor in using it during making prescriptions.

– Adding dosages of drugs that doctor needs it during making prescriptions.

– Ability to add doctors’ checkup prices.

– Ability to add other revenues concerned with clinic.

Clinic Data

– Ability to add clinic data and update it and determine details that appears in reports.


– Ability to show report with complaints in certain period.

– Ability to show report with patients’ visits in certain period.

– Ability to show report with certain prescription in certain date for certain patient.

– Ability to print all reports ant exporting it with multiple extensions.

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La Vie – Clinic Management System

One thought on “La Vie – Clinic Management System

  • September 13, 2022 at 12:14 pm

    Good morning,
    I am doctor Mayar. I am a pediatrician. I am opening my new clinic therefore I need a system. Could you please tell me more about the system and how much does it cost?


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