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Capture Studio Management Software :

Petra for Software Industry has  promised us to meet the needs of its valued customers in all the programs they need. Petra announces the release of “Capture”, Studio Management Software as a desktop program that helps owners of photographic studios manage their work, organize and arrange their appointments, their data, and other features.

The most important features of the Capture program:

  • Through “CAPTUR”, you can search for the type of reservations of the customer with the utmost ease through the reservation history.
  • The program prevents duplication or conflict in the username and password.
  • “Capture” is characterized by simplicity of use, as anyone can use it easily.
  • Capture ensures studio documents are not lost by making backup copies of these documents.
  • Permissions can be assigned to the studio administrator or other users.

Managing Your Photography Studio:

  • Capture” facilitates the management process within your studio through a set of screens or windows that make you organize your accounts and data, as the studio data can be organized by entering its data such as the name of the studio, the name of the owner, address, phone, etc. Putting a photo of the studio logo.
  • The album screen can add albums and enter all the album’s data, such as the number of photos, the customer’s phone number, the type and size of the album, as well as adding gifts to the album.
  • Through “Capture”, you can add reservations for customers by entering customer data, the day, the amount paid and the remainder, and other data that must be available in the reservation. You can also modify the reservation screen easily.

Petra provides the program to its customers and you can also contact us for the trial version by email


Capture Studio Management Software

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