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Artificial Intelligence

What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is a kind of computer science. It included computer programs to complete tasks which would otherwise require human intelligence. AI algorithms can tackle learning, perception, problem-solving.
  • AI is used in many ways  For example, AI algorithms are used in Google searches, Amazon’s recommendation engine and SatNav route finders, Most AI programs are not used to control robots.
  • Even when AI is used to control robots, the AI algorithms are only part of the larger robotic system, which also includes sensors, actuators and non-AI programming.

What Are Artificially Intelligent Robots?

  • Artificially intelligent robots are the bridge between robotics and AI. These are robots which are controlled by AI programs,Many robots are not artificially intelligent. Up until quite recently, all industrial robots could only be programmed to carry out a repetitive series of movements, repetitive 

movements do not require artificial intelligence.

  • Non-intelligent robots are quite limited in their functionality. AI algorithms are often necessary to allow the robot to perform more complex tasks for examples :

-Non-Artificially Intelligent Cobot :A simple collaborative robot (cobot) is a perfect example of a non-intelligent robot.

-Artificially Intelligent Cobot :You could extend the capabilities of the cobot by using AI.


What is a bot?

A bot is a simple automation pre-programmed by humans. Think of the Google bots that crawl and index websites.

Another common use for a simple bot is to present customers with a list of options they can click to move the interaction to the next stage. You see them on websites, in chats and messenger apps.  You know it’s a bot when you don’t give the right answer Eg:

  • Question – Would you like help with Sales or Customer Service?
  • Your Answer – Operations.

The bot will likely be programmed to respond “Please select Sales or Customer Service”.

It’s the simplest form of automation, and the cheapest to implement. Ideal for delivering self-service, moving people into the right service area, or providing information.


What is a chatbot?

Chatbots are a more advanced automation with a Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine, although they still require the input of programmers to function.  They can understand a much broader range of language than a bot, which allows them to interact to some extent. They can ask questions, interpret responses, and execute actions.


  • Software Robots, artificial intelligence are really two separate things, Robotics involves building robots whereas AI included programming intelligence.
  • Software robot is the term given to a type of computer program which autonomously operates to complete a virtual task, they are not physical robots, as they only exist within a computer, The classic example is a search engine web crawler which roams the internet, scanning websites and categorizing them for search.
  • Some advanced software robots may even include AI algorithms, However, software robots are not part of robotics.


Petra and artificial intelligence

Now the company Petra entered the information technology industry in the field of artificial intelligence strongly in order to provide all technological services to all its customers and keep pace with the era of technology and robots and provide services in a powerful, effective and fast manner, now Petra company is fully aware of everything that happens in the field of modern technology and artificial intelligence so it pledges to provide everything new In this field



What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
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