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petra software team

Yesterday we celebrated with our amazing team the 10th anniversary of Petra establishing , we celebrated 10 years of work together , 10 years of our development , 10 years of small successful stories to everyone in our team .


Success stories since 2012 till now have not only affected Petra team, but also affected every success partner we have cooperated with during the past 10 years, to provide our services with all professionalism and honesty in order to reach to his own goal as well.


Therefore, we have developed plans that commit us to develop more quickly in the next three years in order to make an intensive development that suits the aspirations of our team and the expectations of our customers.


We discussed during the celebration what has been accomplished during the recent years of the development of the technology used within the company and the significant increase in the number of our team, in addition to what we will do in the coming years to keep pace with the global development of information industry technology and what steps we must take to maintain our development in a manner stable.

10 years of success “Petra Anniversary”

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