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We believe in the importance of partnership in business and believe that it leads to success for all parties. For this reason, Petra invites you to become an agent or distributor for it, which will achieve success for us and you, for sure:


 Agent features and conditions:

  • You can obtain a special edition in your name and the name of your organization and add your own modifications to facilitate the distribution process within your distribution area.
  • The commercial agent has the right to sell the products in the assigned area.
  • Allows the agent to configure its own distributor network.
  • The agent gets discounts and an additional bonus when sales exceed the agreed-upon monthly volume.
  • The software can be developed specifically for the agent to distribute through it within its distribution area.
  • The agent’s data from a phone number and address is added to the product and to the official website of the product and the company in accordance with Petra’s policies.
  • The agent can deal with the package or the target.
  • The agent’s commission ranges from 13: 25% of the declared product value to customers.


Distributor features and terms:

  • All distributor prices are equivalent to the local price of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • The distributor is not required to distribute a certain number of programs per month.
  • You can become a Petra distributor after purchasing at least three customers within one calendar month.
  • The distributor’s commission ranges from 10: 12% of the declared product value to customers.

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