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Beauty salon management program Beauty salon management program “Beauty Care” - Beauty salon management program “Beauty Care” Petra Company designed this program specifically to help owners of beauty salons and hairdressers to facilitate their management and accounts, this system works with the MySQL / #C feature and fits with Windows 7
Entertainment Management System IVideo – Entertainment Management System - IVideo-Entertainment Management System Petra Software Industry provides “IVideo” Entertainment Management System that is used on the desktop, which is a program for managing Playstation and billiards stores through a group of screens that facilitate the management and accounts of the
Studio Management Software Capture Studio Management Software - Capture Studio Management Software : Petra for Software Industry has  promised us to meet the needs of its valued customers in all the programs they need. Petra announces the release of “Capture”, Studio Management Software as a desktop program that
Cash sales management software - The Cash program is characterized by its easy design and a high degree of accuracy and helps you complete accounting operations and invoices, know your accounting reports with accuracy, manage customer and supplier accounts, and the possibility of transferring items
IES – Accounting & Sales Management System - Advantages of IES Website – Availability of add new items and allow to modify or delete its data. – Availability of determine the tax for each item. – Availability of show the inactive items. – Availability of determine the dimension
I-Chief restaurant management software - I-Chief restaurant management program, it manages all the restaurant affairs from the accounts and the distribution of work to the restaurant workers and the division of the restaurant operations such as: serving in the hall, delivery and takeaway. It is
I-Sales Accounts Program - I-Sales gives you ease in dealing with the sales and purchases of your company, factory or even your small store, as it helps you to speed up performance and provide all the possible calculations you need throughout the buying and

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